1111 Utica Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11203
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Jermene Hippolyte
Lic. Real Estate Salesperson

As a West Indian female, born and raised, Jermene moved to Brooklyn, New York, over 15 years ago to further her education as a teacher, and has lived in NY ever since. She has obtained a bachelors in Childhood Education as well as a Masters Degree in Special Education from The City College of New York. As a mother of two beautiful darlings, she is constantly nurturing and guiding others. Jermene has the patience of a Saint when working with clients, as she sees each past the finish line of each journey. Jermene Hippolyte holds a high value to education which propelled her to continue this pursuit beyond the classroom to the field of real estate. She became a licensed Real Estate salesperson in 2016. Since then, Jermene has assisted many in purchasing their first home and has several properties in and out of New York. Jermene understands the tremendous benefits that investing in real estate, especially in New York, holds as a landlord and investor, and imparts such to her clients.


She is a fluent speaker of both English and Creole. Jermene is a detail oriented and punctual individual. She enjoys helping other with renting, buying, selling or leasing property in the Big Apple, and will be enthusiastic to liaison and assist you with working with like/minded agents beyond her scope of New York to all other states. She is a member of the Brooklyn Board or Realtors as well as the Long Island Board of Realtors, a rare fit with salespersons in the New York area.